Jin Yu da: market favor, from solid product quality!


In 1982, when the first plastic screw was born in Zhoushan, it has been nearly 40 years. Today, zhoushan Screw people in line with the entrepreneurial spirit of "success does not depend on me, achievements must have me", so that "Zhoushan Screw" worldwide reputation. Among them, Zhoushan Jintang has become one of the most characteristic towns in China - "Jintang Screw town"!

According to incomplete statistics, Jintang screw sales accounted for 70% of China, about 320 registered enterprises. Scattered throughout the "screw town" enterprises are staging a "benign competition, collaborative development" town legend.

"Plastic" force special reporter, into Zhoushan, in-depth visit zhoushan screw industry, to provide a comprehensive zhoushan screw industry status quo and excellent enterprise development story!

The sustainable development of enterprises not only lies in the technology and process, but also closely related to the grasp of market direction by enterprise operators. The size of a company is not necessarily related to its size, but to its ability to control market trends.

For private enterprises, to seize the market opportunity quickly and gain the industry reputation has gradually become the focus of the market. Zhoushan Jinyuda Plastic Machinery Manufacturing Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Jinyuda) founder Song Bingjian, since the establishment of the company, pay close attention to product quality, relying on good reputation, has become a veritable "not bad business" model!

Under the impact of the epidemic in 2020, screw town's development momentum is rapid, incomplete statistics, the total output value of Zhoushan screw enterprises reached 5.455 billion yuan in the first three quarters.

Screw circuit development and prosperity of the market competition is very intense at the same time, in order to effectively respond to market changes, Jin Yu relying on years of experience in the market, the original traditional marketing "pre-sale and after-sales service into a" after-sale, pre - after-sales service in the clinch a deal before the first order, in the pre-sales phase were needed to ensure that the user's product delivery is sales.

Although some market shares were sacrificed in the early stage, the effect is remarkable now. On the one hand, the pressure of service maintenance after product sales is reduced, so that the company can focus on expanding more markets. On the other hand, user satisfaction is significantly improved and a group of loyal users are obtained.

Compared with sales personnel, technical personnel are more professional and more able to grasp the pain points of users. Through technical communication, timely grasp the pain points of users and solve the pain points of users, so as to make users more reliable for long-term cooperation.

"We not only sell products to users, but also work with users to solve the problems encountered in production, to achieve a win-win goal!" Song Byung-jian told reporters.

"Every enterprise is not perfect, more or less there will be some problems, and occasionally there will be a big blow." "Fortunately, when the company is in trouble or at a low ebb, there is a group of people who are willing to work with you to fix the problem," Song told reporters.

Most of jin yuda's employees have been with the company along the way, just like watching the company grow from a seed to a tree. As waterers, these employees also put a lot of effort into the company.

The most difficult situation for an enterprise is that when it just starts, it is difficult to maintain its daily operation due to insufficient financial support and promotion channels.

In the most difficult moment, employees did not abandon Jin Yuda, who was in the "swaddling stage", but tightened their belts to support the development of the company. They also used their own resources to promote the company and win more users, which gave the company a certain opportunity to grow.

"I can still remember those days very clearly. All the money was only enough to rent the plant and buy equipment. Employees were not paid in full. I thought the company was going to die, but they didn't push me for wages. They encouraged me to step up production." "They helped the company grow up," Song said. "Without them, Kim Yu-tat would not have developed as healthily as it is now."

Under everyone's joint efforts, Jin Yu da got better results this year, and made a big breakthrough in sales. But they're not letting their guard down with good revenue numbers.

A moment of joy will not go to the heads of Song and his team. A crisis may come unannounced, but with such a cohesive force, the road ahead will be bumpy and not very scary.

Relying on the team strength to constantly develop new technology, adhere to the attitude of excellence to create high-quality products, Jin Yuda step by step from the family workshop into a screw enterprise with competitive advantages, this strength will continue to guide Jin Yuda in the screw industry to open up new fields, start a new journey!

In 2020, the overall trend in the plastic field, in 2021, the plastic industry is still facing environmental protection, energy conservation and other aspects of the test, heavy and long way to describe the plastic machinery manufacturing field is not too much! When the wind rises the tide, sail and break the waves; A long way to go, more need to spur whip!